Welcome to exciting World of Oriental rugs. If you’re new
to the Horizon Home’s tradition, then you’re in for a true
discovery.  Whether you want the charming look of
contemporary or the traditional elegance of the 17th
Century’s Persian look, one visit to our 40,000 sq. ft. Area
Rug & Furniture store and Horizon Home Rugs will help
you shop smarter by offering top-quality Area rugs at
prices 30-60% LESS than Other Atlanta Rug stores,

Our great  Area rug selections are an inspiration design
source, a starting point. And that’s another quality that
distinguishes us from others. Instead of a handful of rug
choices for a room, you have HUNDREDS OF AREA  
RUGS and designs to choose from, to take home, and to
try out for a starring role in your room.

We are carrying Oriental rugs from all over the world (i.e.
Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Pakistani rugs,
Chinese rugs  Tibetan rugs, Nepalese rugs, etc.

Integrity in Pricing:
At Horizon Home Rugs, Our business strategy is quite
simple; we provide more Styles, Savings & Selections.
We also believe our customer's buying experience
should be pleasant & indeed
Worry-Free. Since 2005, we
have delivered High quality Area rugs which are marked
down  30- 60% LESS than Department and Other Store
prices. Guaranteed.

Selling with Integrity:
We know that rug buying can be complicated and that you
could shop anywhere, which is why we strive to earn your
trust. We simply mean bringing integrity to the selling
Area rugs. So, relax... There's no high pressure or selling
effort. Our staff is NOT on commission, So none of our
Customer Service people do tricky sales talking and play
chess game with our customers. We do 20 percent of the
talking and 80 percent of the listening. Our approach is to
identify our customers' needs, understand their situation
and understand the problems that they have. And then,
we provide the right solutions to help them.   We remain
dedicated to proving that buying rug can be a positive and
rewarding experience.

Shop with Confidence:
We guarantee our quality, prices and services. It's that
simple. We stand behind all our promises.
About Us
Any questions? We're
here to help!

We offered the most desired brands
in rugs-brands developed with the
unique needs and aspirations of our
customers in mind